Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Sometimes I make one meal/dish that everybody loves and sometimes it isn’t that easy. My solution; use one protein to make different things. I do this with other proteins too, not just chicken, but chicken is the most versatile, for sure. 

I know what you’re thinking; who has time for making three different dishes? Well, this is not an every day type of thing, But very often I do make a varation on our dinner, for myself, anyway. It’s just part of what needs to be done for me to reach my goals…So, I just make it happen. I just find a way, because I’m done finding excuses. Would it be easier and less time consuming to eat a chicken quesadilla, like I’ve made for the kids? Yes. But I’ve got strict guidelines I’m following, for now, to reach my goals. In the future, a chicken quesadilla would be fine, now and then for dinner, but not right now. So I make a few different meals with one protein, often.

I prep chicken for a million dishes. [here’s a blog specifically on how I make my chicken: ]   I love chicken. So, I usually make a lot of chicken at once. Then, what I don’t eat in that meal (usually dinner), I can use the next day or two for many, many things. I’ll go ahead and just list some of my ‘go to’ chicken meals. These would be some meal options I might make from my already prepped chicken: